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Electric coffee grinder

Electric coffee grinder

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Technical parameters:


Charging: 5V/1A


Lithium battery: 3.7V/1300mAh

Bean Capacity:25-30g


Cleaning and storage:

1、Charge the product for 2 hours before the first use.

2、Please charge at least once per 3 months to maintain the battery。

3、Please wipe the host with a towel instead of washing with water 。

4、Bean container and powder cup can be cleaned with brush or rinsed with water。



1、 Charging failure

Incorrect connected?

Battery damage?

2、 Doesn’t work.

Start or not?

Stuck by coffee bean?

Incorrect assembly?

3、Works for a short time.

Charge it due to insufficient powe



1、Please do not modify or disassemble this product.

2、This product is available only for coffee beans.

3、After finishing a grinding cycle, it is recommended to stop for 30 minutes.

4、Minors need to use it with the assistance of adults.

5、This product is available only for medium or deep roasted coffee beans.


Application Guide :

1、Rotate the host clockwise to open the coffee bean container.

2、recommended to fill the beans up to 80% of the whole container.

3、Rotate the host anticlockwise to close the bean container.

4、Press the switch to start. The indicator light is blue when working

5、The product will stop working automatically when grinding finished.

6、After grinding, please separate the powder cup from the bean container carefully.

7、When the power is low, please use the type-c charging cable to charge.

8、Adjust the thickness knob to make powder more fine or coarse.

9、The light is red when working, and it turns blue after charging finished.



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